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The iPad 2 has a lot of great features, but its on-board rear-facing camera is not really one of them.

The lack of quality in the component might be why so few people seem to be snapping photos with their iPads (if you leave off the fact that it’s bulky and stupidly shaped for trying to frame a shot, and makes no real sense to carry around for a quick snapshot). According to a study from photo sharing social network Flickr, very few users are uploading iPad photos on a daily basis.

In fact, only an average of 36 Flickr users send iPad 2 photos to the social network each day. Meanwhile, Flickr sees 4,000 daily photo uploads from the iPhone 4; 3,000 uploads each day from the iPhone 3G; and 2,000 dailies coming from members using the iPhone 3GS. Even the fourth generation iPod Touch outpaces Apple’s (AAPL) premier tablet, accounting for 455 photo uploads per day – and the iPod Touch 4G and the iPad 2 sport the same camera, with the same resolution: 960×720. If you’re keeping track, that’s even a lower resolution than the iPad 2’s screen.

While these numbers shouldn’t be taken as hard evidence that no one likes the iPad 2’s camera, they are definitely compelling. This is a case in which correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. Without more information about Flickr’s overall user-base, it’s tough to tell what kind of photographers they are and if being more or less casual a shutterbug has an effect on the results. It’s also important to note that the iPad 2 features far fewer camera apps than the iPhone 4. There seem to be a couple million ways to trick out iPhone photos on the fly as you take them (a few notable ones are Instagram, Hipstamatic and 100 Cameras in 1), and the relative newness of the free iPad 2, coupled with the awkwardness of using its camera, might be the causes of there being a lot fewer photography options for the device.

Meanwhile, another study has shown what users do like to use the iPad 2 for: web browsing. In fact, iPad users are tapping into the web at a huge rate, far and away higher than users of other (Android-based) tablets.

A story from 9to5 Mac states that industry analyst firm Net Applications has found that iPads are using web data at a rate of 53 times more than the nearest competitor device, the Samsung (005930.KS) Galaxy Tab.

The survey found that iPads make up nearly 1 percent of all web browsing – 0.92 percent, in fact – across all devices worldwide. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab accounts for 0.018 percent; the Motorola (MMI) Xoom, just 0.012 percent. Both tablets have much smaller install bases than the iPad, though, so it makes more sense to start taking Android tabs together to see how they stack up against the iPad. Angle the data that way and it comes out a little clearer: Mobile devices accounted for 4.79 percent of all web browsing in May 2011, with traditional personal computers taking the other 94.92 percent (0.03 percent went to video game consoles; Net Applications isn’t clear where the other 0.26 percent went).

That means that of the 4.79 percent of web browsing done on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, 0.92 percent happened on iPads. Another 1.46 percent of browsing took place on other iOS devices – leaving 2.41 percent that occurs on other mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets.


The iPad 2 is here and without saying much more, I could just tell you that it is fabulous. With a lower weight, faster processing speeds, useful and addictive apps, and a simple beauty that nothing else can compare to, you can expect the iPad2 to dominate not only the tablet market, but also the PC, netbook, and notebook markets. It’s the best thing out there, but it hasn’t brought anything revolutionary to the market, just made a few improvements and lowered the price to a very reasonable £399 at the launch.

 Apple iPad 2

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Unlike the first iPad, this is not a revolution in terms of changing the way people use their electronic computing devices. Instead, the iPad2 is more of a fine tuning. It’s like a beautiful Harley Davidson that comes out of the custom shop and has become legendary. The main adjustments have been made in terms of size, functionality, and the innovation of adding cameras into the new version. At nearly a third the thickness of the original iPad and having changed the hard edges to a softer, more comfortable tapered design, the iPad2 doesn’t feel like it can possibly have so much power locked inside it’s attractive shell which, by the way, weighs in at 1.33 pounds.

 Apple iPad 2

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As a multicore computer, the iPad really shines. With the latest of stable operating systems, the iOS 4.3 the iPad2 has increased speed over it’s predecessor. You can noticeably tell that apps launch faster, run more efficiently, and even for gaming, the iPad2 feels like the best of the tablets. One definite negative is the decision by Apple to not support Flash with the iPad’s built in Safari browser. So much of the web runs on flash that for us, this is a definite negative mark. Android tablets do play flash and as such, in terms of browsing, they get higher marks than the iPad2.

The explosion was caused by a (aluminium dust explosions) super-light dust explosion.

May 20, 2011 we reported on an explosion at Foxconn’s iPad factory in Chengdu, China that killed two and injured sixteen people. Now an explanation for the cause has surfaced.

“At about 19:20 Beijing Time, in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Park West the Foxconn Building A5 production building exploded,” China Financial Daily reports.

“2,3,4 [floors of the building] are affected, the wall shattered,” CFD reports.  “The building is the production lines for Apple’s iPad 2,” CFD reports.



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